If You Speedrun High On Life The Game Will Cheer You On

A screenshot shows an alien gun being used to trap an enemy in a pink bubble.

Screenshot: Squanch Games

Inevitably, every time a new game comes out, people start finding ways to beat it faster and faster. And if you do this in the recent comic shooter Raised on lifethe game will react positively, encouraging you and hoping you set a world record in the process.

Released last month Raised on life is the last game of rick and morty co-creator Justin Roiland and his studio Squanch Games. The first person shooter includes thousands of jokes and tons of characters who will often break the fourth wall while exploring the different worlds or fighting enemies using his strange talking weapons. For example, if you sprint too much, the pistols will indicate that you don’t appreciate all the work done in the level. And if you try to shoot random NPCs, the guns will chastise you and refuse to do so. It turns out that if you’re speedrunning, Raised on life will also react accordingly.

As spotted by PCGamesN, players found that if you skip a platforming section in the second half of the game, your suit’s AI will notice you’re speedrunning and comment on it. Normally, reaching the objective requires you to take a much longer route that requires you to fight bad guys, jump across rooftops, and use a jetpack. If you skip all that with skillful leaps and climbs, your suit’s AI is okay – in fact, it love as you run the game in speed. He also wishes you good luck and hopes that you will set a world record.

Breaking Bananas / Squanch Games

If you look around YouTube you can find actual speedruns from Raised on life where players use this faster route to complete the mission – and every time they do the dialogue plays. Although oddly enough, most speedrunners move so quickly through this part that they trigger the next dialogue even before the cute speedrun joke is over.

Raised on life is filled with this kind of shenanigans that break the fourth wall. At one point, the game allows you to wait a full hour with additional dialogue and video while you wait. It’s this kind of humor and content that seems to have helped make Raised on life popular because it is one of greatest hits in Xbox Game Pass historyeven surpassing larger games like Minecraft, Halo, and Forza last month. Just be careful not to get trapped in Space Applebee.

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