Inside Katie Price’s luxury Thai break – drinking, spot popping and gorging on ice cream

Katie Price and fiance Carl Woods are staying at 5* Meliá Koh Samui resort after her latest surgery – and the couple took fans on a tour of their luxury break

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Katie Price shows off ‘gorgeous’ Thailand hotel room

Katie Price gave fans a glimpse of her luxury Thai break as she relaxes after her latest boob surgery.

Fiance Carl Woods only featured briefly in her ten minute You Tube brag – to pop a spot on his beloved’s face.

Mum of five Katie, 43, is staying at the £108 a night Meliá Koh Samui resort in the presidential suite – which features a work area, sprawling bed and lounge.

During her 10 minute video Katie confesses she feels “bloated” and “out of shape”, saying rather than run marathons “you’re lucky if you get me up a pair of stairs” – which is confusing to say the least.

Katie sprawls on the bed in her shoes


YouTube/ Katie Price)

Fresh from rehab Katie is seen tucking into a flute of Champagne as she dines on fish and prawns with vegetables – later on Carl can be seen refusing to get his hair wet in the plunge pool with Katie – to which she exclaims: “You won’t even get your hair wet on holiday!”

What’s that little spot on your nose?” Carl asked an incredulous Katie, who replied: “What spot? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just have – let me get it,” her beau continued, before squeezing the offending zit.

Katie relaxes with a salad


YouTube/ Katie Price)

After Carl’s handy work, Katie clapped back: “What’s that little spot in the water? Oh it’s your ball,” before laughing, saying “see how you feel”.

Mum-of-five Katie shocked fans when she revealed the results of her latest surgery posing on a boat with her man.

A source told the Mirror the Pricey’s family were “horrified” by what they saw and according to body language expert Judi James – Carl may feel the same way.



Katie Price/YouTube)

Speaking about the pair’s pose on the boat she said: “Carl just doesn’t look connected to Katie in these poses. If she is now looking like every man’s dream she doesn’t seem to be attracting his eye-attention.

“His smile when he poses looks weak and one hand on his own chest is balled into a fist-shape, hinting at tension.

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