Joe Biden welcomes appointment of first woman to lead an American armed service

President Joe Biden hailed Admiral Linda Fagan as the first female service chief in the armed forces, saying, “It was about time.”

The appointment of Admiral Fagan as the new commander of the US Coast Guard took place during a change of command ceremony in Washington on Wednesday.

“Admiral Fagan’s trailblazing career shows young people entering the services, we mean what we say: there are no doors – no doors – closed to women,” Biden said at around 2 000 enthusiastic guests at the coastguard headquarters.

Attendees included service chiefs from other military branches, including outgoing U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Karl Schultz and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The President added, “This is what an Admiral and Service Chief looks like in the United States Armed Forces”, and thanked Admiral Fagan for “everything you have done throughout your career to open a little bigger the gates of opportunity, “allowing” those who follow you to pass.

A woman dressed in white, with gold lapels, and wearing white gloves and a blue, white and gold hat, is seen saluting.
Mr Biden says Admiral Linda Fagan’s career shows there are no closed doors for women.(PA: Evan Vucci)

“Now we have to keep working to make sure Admiral Fagan is the first but not the only one,” Biden said.

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