Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: Heard’s sister says Depp hit her too

Amber Heard’s sister has spoken of her volatile interactions with Johnny Depp, as the court was shown photos of another destructive fight.

Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez took the stand during the latest day of court and described how her sister became increasingly more isolated and unhealthy during her relationship with Johnny Depp.

“In hindsight, it was like watching a slow motion gun shot,” she said of her sister. “She was so physically unwell [at the end] that she maybe weighed 100 pounds soaking wet.”

Depp started by allegedly controlling her clothing then her friends and finally even her medical care, Henriquez said.

Court shown photos of chaos after fight

Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez was living rent-free in one of Johnny Depp’s penthouse apartments in Los Angeles in March 2015 when Amber Heard burst in.

“I woke up to Amber in my bedroom saying, ‘Can you believe he’s cheating on me?’” Henriquez testified.

She told Heard to stay in her apartment while she went to talk to Depp in the kitchen of his penthouse. He admitted to the affair and allegedly said “Amber made me do it.”

A few moments later, Heard showed up and was on an upper level mezzanine and the two began shouting at each other.

Henriquez went upstairs to comfort her along with his nurse Debbie Lloyd. Henriquez said Depp hurled a can of Red Bull at Lloyd, which struck her in the back.

“I’m standing up there with my back to the stairs. That’s when Johnny runs up the stairs,” she told jurors. “He comes up behind me, strikes me in the back. I hear Amber shout don’t hit my f**king sister. She smacks him, lands one.”

At that point, Depp grabbed Heard by the hair and was repeatedly punching her in the face, Henriquez said. That’s when his security guard allegedly stepped in.

Several witnesses – including Depp and Heard – have given differing accounts of the staircase incident. Depp and his security guard testified that Heard instigated the physical altercation by clocking Depp in the face.

Heard said she hit Depp because she thought he was about to push her sister down the stairs like he did to ex-girlfriend Kate Moss. There is no evidence that Depp ever shoved the supermodel down a staircase.

After the bodyguard separated them, Depp allegedly rampaged through a room Heard used as a closet, tearing down shoe and clothing racks.

Jurors were shown photos that Henriquez took of the destruction. Henriquez said that even after she believed Depp was abusing her sister, she tried to help them reconcile.

“That’s what she wanted,” she said of Heard, calling her sister’s relationship to Depp, “nuanced” and “complicated.”

Shortly after the staircase incident, Henriquez moved out of the penthouse. Depp had accused her of selling stories about him to the press.

Depp called Heard a ‘f**king used up trash bag’, sister testifies

Whitney Henriquez testified Wednesday that Johnny Depp called her sister a slew of awful names.

“‘He called her a f**king used up trash bag, slimy whore, sagging whore, f**king c**t was thrown out a bunch just horrible things like that, ” she said.

Over time, Henriquez noticed cuts, bruises and redness on Heard. In March 2013, she said Depp flew into a jealous rage over a photo that was taken of Heard with another woman in France.

He thought she was cheating on him. Later that day in a car on the way to a photo shoot, she said Depp dangled their teacup yorkie, Pistol, out the window.

“He brought the dog back into the car and he was just laughing,” Henriquez said. “[Depp] then made some joke about putting [Pistol] in the microwave,” she said.

Henriquez said she and Depp had frequently snorted cocaine together.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is republished here with permission.

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