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Australian weightlifter Kyle Bruce was in tears after having the gold medal stripped of him following a controversial criticism.

It emerged that Bruce had set a new Commonwealth record in the 81kg category with a final lift which was given the all-clear by all three judges.

However, during a slow-motion examination, officials ruled that Bruce’s arms did not fully extend.

The decision saw him relegated to the silver medal.

England’s Chris Murray finally set a new Games record after lifting a total of 325kg in his snatch and clean and jerk.

Bruce looked absolutely overwhelmed as the decision was announced and was seen being consoled by a member of the Australian squad.

He was also in tears when he was interviewed by Channel 7 as he spoke about wanting to make his father proud.

Kyle Bruce was in tears during interviews after the ceremony.  Photo: Channel 7.
Kyle Bruce was in tears during interviews after the ceremony. Photo: Channel 7.Source: Supplied

Bruce wears his father’s compression top every time he competes after his father’s death in 2015.

“It was canceled for a press release, I haven’t seen the video so I’m not sure but sometimes that’s just how the sport is and congratulations to Chris for winning it. He was the good one lifter that day and I just had a bit of bad luck there.

He said he was “devastated”.

“My one goal and my only objective coming into these Games was to win that gold medal for Australia and come away with that silver medal. I’m not going to lie, it’s quite disappointing. I set my standards really high, but that’s how the sport is sometimes and I’ll be ready for 2026 and I’ll come back and have redemption I think.

He was briefly overwhelmed with emotion and needed a few moments to calm down as he talked about his father.

“My dad passed away in 2015 and I’m just wearing his shirt because…so he’s still here with me,” he said after a long break.

“Just so he’s always there for me.” This one is for him.

Silver medalist Kyle Bruce of Team Australia. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

Channel 7 commentators were heartbroken for him.

“Oh no. He got all three green lights and now the jury has reconsidered that and decided it was not a lift,” one commenter said.

“A tragedy for Kyle Bruce. He goes back to the silver medal position. The silver he won four years ago.

“There are tears behind the scenes.

“And the emotion? Then this man (Murray) has to go out and try to steal it.

When he stepped away from the action to switch to netball, Seven’s host Mel McLaughlin described the result as “heartbreaking”.

Australian netball legend Cox summed it up perfectly: “The sport is horrible. It’s also good in the same package.

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