Kyle Farnsworth body building Instagram transformation, MLB baseball news

A $40 million American star has emerged after years of anonymity looking nothing like the player he once was.

Former American baseball star Kyle Farnsworth is barely recognizable after a crazy bodybuilding transformation.

Most fans haven’t heard from the 46-year-old since he finished his major league baseball career in 2014.

The man they’ll see when he enters his first bodybuilding competition this week looks nothing like the star player who once tossed the ball nearly 100 mph.

He’s tried to keep a low profile for the past few years, but that anonymity was shattered on Wednesday morning when he posted a rare gym photo showing him looking like a tank on social media.

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Farnsworth entered MLB in 1999 with thin frames and cheesy glasses.

After a 19-year career with nine different teams, Farnsworth has hung up his boots, with over $40 million in earnings.

With more time in professional baseball and more time in the gym, he finished his career with a frame of 1.93 m and 104 kg.

There is nothing like that anymore.

Farnsworth’s photo came just four days before his upcoming NPC Southern USA Championship qualifier in Orlando.

“Very rare selfie in the gym,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Four days to my first bodybuilding competition. Classic physique. The last few days have been fun without carbs.

He’s picked up a new army of fans since he began documenting his transformation into the titan he now resembles.

He also showed fans a glimpse of his progress in photos released last month.

However, it was Wednesday’s post that prompted her trip to internet shopping.

CBS TV host Ben Becker wrote on Twitter: “Kyle Farnsworth is absolutely insane now. Holy beep”.

Boston-based sports betting expert Emerson Lotzia wrote: “Holy s*** kyle farnsworth looks like he ate kyle farnsworth”.

American sports commentator Darren Rovell summed it up perfectly with a photo.

Farnsworth left MLB when he was dropped in the minor leagues before resuming his career in Mexico in 2015.

He also stunned fans in the United States when he appeared playing semi-professional American football in Florida with the Orlando Phantoms.

He previously played high-level football in high school as a high school student from Georgia, but was forced to choose baseball over football.

Playing as a defensive end, his football career lasted until 2017.

Five years later, he’s back and bigger than ever.

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