‘League of Legends’ fighter ‘Project L’ will be free-to-play

Riot Games has announced that the next League of Legends fighting game Project L will be free-to-play and will include “respectful” monetization.

This was confirmed by Project LSenior manager Tom Cannon on Twitter earlier today (August 1), who uploaded a title video before heading to the Evo fighting game tournament.

Cannon announced in the video that Project L is going to play for free with the aim of “removing as many obstacles as possible for you to enjoy Project Ladding that the team doesn’t want the amount of money different players can spend on the game to influence their play.

“Therefore, I am happy to confirm that Project L will be free. When it comes to monetization, we are committed to respecting both your time and your wallet. »

A blog post also highlights how League of Legends the Illaoi champion will be there Project L at launch, as a member of the starting roster.

Associate Game Director and Head of Gameplay Design on Project LShaun Rivera, also wrote in the post about how Riot Games is approaching adding some of its many champions to the game.

“We start by deciding which champions we want to pursue,” Rivera wrote. “Our ultimate goal is to have a diverse and inclusive roster where everyone can find a champion that really speaks to them. There are a ton of considerations such as but not limited to fight fantasy, theme, style archetype, team synergy, race and ethnicity, personality, identity, height, etc.

project L league of legends fighter
Project L. Credit: Riot Games

“Once we have a champion in mind, we plan when we’ll start working on it, and then we create a group of people from disciplines like design, storytelling, art, engineering, technical art , quality assurance, production and audio.”

In the video, Cannon added that he will be back later this year with another update on the progress of Project Lalthough he did not mention what details the update would contain.

In other news, a Call of Duty the skin was allegedly plagiarized from an artist’s work in 2019.

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