Letter: Alaska USA name change

Through Eric and Marie Marchegiani

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I joined the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union in the late 1970s, about 50 years ago, and spent over 40 years in Alaska. I have since moved to Tennessee for personal reasons. I find it appalling that the name of the credit union has been changed to Global. Alaskans who have accounts all over the world like to be identified as Alaskans, not “global” nonsense. We Alaskans are individuals and wish to be identified as such. Did the credit union even consider asking members what they thought of the name change? I do not think so. As financial experts, they didn’t need to know what the members thought?

I have no desire to be identified as Global anything. Fees for changing letterhead, building signs, etc. must be enormous, and for what benefit? I don’t see any upside – in fact, it’s a downside all around. I have financed my vehicles and used Alaska USA for the past 50 years and continued to do so when I moved out of Tennessee. I maintained my accounts with Alaska USA because I wanted to identify with Alaska, where I spent 40 years working. I could have easily moved all my money and monthly deposits to a local bank or credit union here, but I didn’t because I wanted to maintain my connection to Alaska.

I am seriously considering changing my bank accounts to a local entity, since Global Credit Union does nothing to identify with the original formation of the credit union. It’s an absurd change.

This is a terrible decision with no benefit for the members. You have no idea how frustrated I am.

— Eric and Marie Marchegiani

Culleoka, TN

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