Liz Truss accuses SNP Scottish Government of ‘playing political games’

Liz Truss has accused UK devolved governments of playing “political games”.

The Tory leadership candidate claimed people had been ‘let down’ as she took aim at SNP governance at Holyrood.

Truss is set to travel to Scotland for the leadership campaign in Perth, organized by STV News’ Colin Mackay.

Ahead of her visit, the foreign minister insisted she will “deliver for the whole country” if elected prime minister.

“Having grown up in Paisley before going to comprehensive school in Leeds, I consider myself a Union kid. When I say I’m going to deliver for our country, I mean everything,” she said .

“My government would put the Union at the heart of everything it does and ensure that every corner of our country is rightly championed at the top of government.

“For too long people in parts of our UK have been let down by their devolved administrations playing political games instead of focusing on their priorities. If I’m elected prime minister, I’m going to deliver for our whole country.

“We are not four separate nations in a convenience deal, as some would have us believe. We are a great country that shares a history and institutions, but also family and friends, memories and values.

“I would make sure our entire family continues to receive the attention, support and investment they deserve.”

Speaking at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe earlier this week, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Truss had asked her how she might appear in Vogue magazine.

Sturgeon said he met Truss at the COP26 summit in Glasgow last year.

And she said Truss looked like she “swallowed a wasp” when she told him she appeared in the magazine twice.

Truss has previously described the SNP leader as an “attention seeker”, saying the best thing to do would be to ignore her.

SNP deputy leader at Westminster Kirsten Oswald has denounced the Conservative leadership candidate’s latest remarks.

“Liz Truss has shown complete disregard for Scotland and her electorate throughout this campaign,” Oswald said.

“Instead of rhyming with generic and pointless rhetoric that the UK is ‘a great country’, Liz Truss needs to listen to the people of Scotland who voted overwhelmingly in favor of another referendum on independence last year.

“The more she denies reality, the stronger our case becomes.

“There is no doubt: whoever becomes the next Prime Minister, Scotland’s voice will be heard.”

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