Lost Ark Ditches Pay-to-Win Skins After Backlash

lost ark RPG creators Smilegate and Amazon Games announced plans not too long ago to add a new consumable that would bring skins that come with stat bonuses. Dubbed “Yoz’s Jar”, this ad had a lot going against it given that the skins awarded using the consumable were randomized with reroll items also in play. That’s enough to cause a backlash on its own, but a Once you’ve affixed stat bonuses to skins, it’s easy to see why players weren’t fans. Unsurprisingly, Amazon announced this week that Yoz’s Jar and its associated skins are no longer happening.

Jars of Yoz would have been added to the in-game store for players to purchase and could then be used to acquire an Epic or Legendary skin. Both skin categories had stats attached to them, with legendary ones naturally performing better. This dodgy system was compounded by the fact that skins could be broken down into a new resource to then acquire another new skin, but there was no guarantee that one would be better than what you had before.

“If you have a skin you don’t like or wear anymore (or maybe one from Yoz’s Jar you’re not a fan of), you can break it down into ‘Cloth’, which can be used with a Jar to roll a new skin from a determined list,” Amazon said in the blog post shared in early June. “This new cosmetic system will also give a chance to acquire legendary skins, which provide better benefits than epic skins. No worries if you like an older skin more than the look of your new legendary with bigger bonuses. , you skin you like on the legendary skin!”

In a more recent post, Amazon said these epic and legendary skins would provide “1% and 2% strength/dexterity/intelligence, respectively” and would have been available for crystals and in the player-to-player marketplace. Amazon predicted that these would have gone for “very high gold prices” and that it would have been difficult for players to acquire a Legendary skin let alone a matching set. Either way, the idea was scrapped, though Amazon didn’t say if it might make a return in the future.

“We didn’t want players to feel like the skins found in Yoz’s Jar were necessary for gameplay, especially if they’re blocked by a significant cash or currency barrier in-game, so we’ve decided to remove Yoz’s Jar and Wrath of the Covetous Legion Update Skins,” Amazon said. “Flexibility and fairness to players have always been driving forces in the partnership between our teams as we strive to make so players can enjoy and play Lost Ark the way they want.”

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