MAFS Australia 2022: Domenica’s ‘never seen a group of women behave like that’ as contestants reunite

The original MAFS cast is set to reunite for tonight’s explosive girls and boys nights, with Dom declaring, “I’ve never seen a group of women behave like that.”

Tonight’s Married At First Sight teases blow-ups left, right and centre as all the cast members return for a wild night out.

With just five couples left ahead of the vow renewals next week, producers have brought back the original cast for explosive girls and boys nights.

In a teaser clip, we see the return of controversial bride Selin Mengu who appears to get in a nasty spat with existing bride, Tamara Djordjevic.

“You need to listen,” Selin says, as we flash to Tamara who screams, “Why don’t we go back to your relationship?!”.

Selin then tells producers, “That girl can scream.”

We also get a sneak peek of cheating bride Carolina Santos rolling her eyes, as Domenica Calarco is seen storming out of the room before saying in a piece to camera, “I’ve never seen a group of girls behave like that.”

Over at the boys night, the only contestant who appears to be missing is Texan groom Andrew Davis, who left the experiment weeks ago after his tumultuous relationship with Holly Greenstein.

The lads night appears to be less dramatic than the ladies night – with Al Perkins filmed doing his infamous worm move – that is, until Daniel Holmes walks in late to a frosty reception.

Daniel left the experiment in disgrace two weeks ago after bailing up a commitment ceremony hand-in-hand with Dion Giannarelli’s ‘wife’, Carolina, as the pair attempted to re-enter the show as a new couple. They were denied the opportunity.

Dion’s face says it all.

“Sup guys?” Daniel says as he enters a shocked room.

“We’re both happy together and that’s it,” Daniel is heard telling the group.

A voiceover further teases the “wildest, spiciest, most vengeful night of the year.”

While the drama this season has predominantly centred around Olivia Frazer, who was brutally interrogated Sunday night for finding and leaking a nude photo of Domenica, we don’t see her heavily featured in the teaser ahead of tonight’s episode.

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