MAFS Australia 2022: Police are investigating glass incident and Dom’s OnlyFans nude photo scandal

NSW Police are currently investigating two alleged incidents from the current season of MAFS, with one new complaint lodged with authorities just days ago.

Police have been brought in to investigate incidents linked to the wild current season of Married At First Sight, with NSW Police confirming two complaints have been lodged in recent months.

The two incidents at the centre of the police matters, involving MAFS brides Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco, have been well documented on the show.

NSW Police confirmed the first complaint lodged in relation to the show was on Thursday, February 24,e 2022, about an incident that occurred in November 2021 on a property in Bargo, which was where the MAFS cast was filming when the season’s infamous glass-smashing incident occurred.

The dramatic group stay at the property descended into chaos when Domenica and fellow Olivia faced off over drinks and Domenica was filmed smashing a wine glass against a table.

On Monday, theSo Dramatic! podcast reported the entire cast and crew was interviewed by police in relation to the incident, according to a MAFS source. The source quoted seemed to think no action was taken because “there was no evidence of any law being broken”.

A NSW Police spokesperson told the inquiry was ongoing.

The feud between the two brides continued after the glass-smashing incident with viewers calling for Olivia to be punished for distributing a naked photo of fellow MAFS bride Domenica Calarco from an inactive OnlyFans account amid their feud, in what many have likened to an act of “revenge porn”.

Police confirmed a second complaint was made on March 19, 2022, to officers at the Inner West Police area command about the alleged distribution of an image without consent in late 2021.

The investigation is also ongoing.

On the show, Dom apologised to Olivia and the group for losing her temper, but Olivia has remained unrelenting over the photo drama, maintaining she doesn’t see any issue with sharing it.

Viewers were left furious by the photo sharing incident in particular. Debate fired up on social media over whether Olivia could face legal consequences.

One fan created a petition calling for action to be taken against Olivia, with over 122,206 signing so far.

The petition states: “Tonight it was revealed the participant ‘Olivia Frazer’ shared an intimate image of another participant ‘Domenica Calarco’ with the other participants in the program, without Domenica’s consent.”

The petition goes on to argue: “This meets the official definition of ‘image based abuse’ outlined on the e-safety commissioner’s website ‘image-based abuse occurs when an intimate image or video is shared without the consent of the person pictured’.

“As such, I would like to petition the e-safety commissioner to immediately take action against Olivia Frazer, in order to make it clear this kind of abuse is not acceptable, especially on a nationally syndicated television program in which both the victim and the perpetrator have taken part.”

The petition was later updated, explaining the E-Safety Commissioner’s Office advised it “can only investigate matters reported by the person affected or their nominated representative”.

Creator Pete Joyce went on to say he had been in touch with Dom, who was “currently in the process of obtaining legal advice, and has asked us to keep the petition and momentum going for the time being”.

Sharing content from OnlyFans is also a breach of the platform’s terms of service, however, the photo was reportedly found on Reddit and shared with Olivia.

In Australia, laws announced in November 2021 mean ex-partners and strangers posting or threatening to post revenge porn images of people without their consent could face fines of $111,000.

The tough fines are included in Australia’s Online Safety Act, which aims to better protect victims of image-based abuse.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said last year: “eSafety can seek penalties of up to $111,000 if they post or threaten to post an intimate image – including those that threaten sextortion.” has reached out to Channel 9 for comment.

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