Meta partners with DoorDash to deliver Marketplace items in US

San Francisco: Meta has partnered with online delivery platform DoorDash to deliver Marketplace items located up to 15 miles (nearly 25 km) in the United States.

DoorDash will only deliver items small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, and drivers are expected to make deliveries within 48 hours, citing the WSJ, The Verge reported.

Either way, this seems like a useful option for anyone who isn’t able to pick up an item themselves.

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It also fills a gap in Facebook Marketplace’s existing local delivery options, which only allow you to have larger items delivered through a service called Dolly, according to the report.

The service is limited to just over two dozen cities across the United States and allows users to connect with one or two local “assistants” who will load large items – like a fridge, shelf or air conditioner – in a van and deliver them to your house for a fee.

Apart from Dolly and DoorDash, Meta also allows Marketplace sellers to ship items directly to a buyer’s address.

According to the report, it’s still unclear exactly how many Marketplace users currently have the option for DoorDash deliveries, or how much it costs.

Meta and DoorDash both confirmed the initiative to the WSJ and said they have already tested it in several cities across the United States.

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