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Image: Ubisoft/Joao F.

MNM Gaming qualified for the Berlin Major after earning at least one point against PWNZ on the final day of EUL play.

The five-man MNM squad have been together since September 2021, ahead of the start of the European Challenger League season that year. The team went on to win EUCL 2021 in a near-perfect way to qualify for the 2022 European League.

Just two months later, MNM made his professional debut at the 2022 Six Invitational, where he finished 13th-16th. The team went on to finish Stage 1 of the EUL in fifth place, just two points from a qualification spot for the Charlotte Major and have now improved to a guaranteed top-four spot at the 2nd step.

This result comes as they currently sit with 16 unassailable points, with notable wins over BDS, G2 and NAVI in regulation, as well as Rogue in overtime. G2 and BDS currently only have 12 points, which means MNM are in no danger of being overtaken with only one game remaining for the top two teams.

This continues a remarkable story for new European stars. They continue to follow in the footsteps of BDS and Empire, who also qualified for a Major and the Invitational after winning promotion from the Challenger League.

In their last global outing, the team defeated Korea’s SANDBOX Gaming and eventual tournament runners-up Team Empire in the group stage by scores of 2-0. The win also meant they were one of only two teams to beat Empire for the entire event. However, MNM also lost to NiP and the Soniqs on the same score lines and were eliminated in their first elimination match by Oxygen Esports.

A second international event for the MNM organization shows that they are a real force in the European region at the highest level. This comes after the organization made a name for itself in the Tier Two and Tier Three scenes by cultivating stellar high-flying talents.

MNM has now won the EUCL twice, was the former home of players on G2, NAVI and Secret, and is the only EUL organization to have a secondary roster of any kind. Now, the organization is looking to make its name a fixture on the global siege scene.

Catch MNM Gaming at the Berlin Major from August 15-21 and read everything you need to know about the event.

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