Munster GAA Football

The Munster Senior Football Championship is the least competitive provincial championship in GAA football. It is also the smallest provincial championship with only six counties competing for the title. Kerry is the county with the most titles by far with 80 Munster Senior Football Titles. Since 1923 the championship has been won only by Kerry or Cory, with the exception of victories by Tipperary in 1935 and Clare in 1992. That is a staggering statistic that no one except the counties of Kerry and Cory has a shot at winning the title. The GAA should look into how they can make this province more competitive as there needs to be changed in the tournament.

The tournament is also one of the least attended provincial championships with just over 40,000 people attending the tournament in 2016. The tournament is sponsored by SuperValu, Liberty Insurance, Ulster Bank which is great for the least popular Gaelic football province tournament. Kerry defeated rivals Cork in the 2018 finals to claim their 80th title and moved on to the quarterfinals in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. Look for Cork and Kerry to compete for the title in 2019 again as they have for most of the championship.