NBA 2K Caused Rapper The Game To Miss Out on Millions of Dollars

NBA 2K is one of the most popular gaming franchises. It’s annualized like every other sports franchise, but it’s managed to be so successful because there are no other basketball games. Although EA had a good run with NBA Live, the series eventually fell apart under the pressure of trying to compete against 2K games and EA threw in the towel. 2K has achieved immense success in its basketball series thanks to its polished controls, top-notch graphics, and incredibly addictive gameplay. Many invest dozens of hours or even more into NBA 2K each year and quickly move on to the next game as soon as it’s released.

Rapper The Game admitted in a recent interview with Complex that he turned down a tour that could have made him $6-7 million because he wanted to do it in NBA 2K. The rapper said he skipped the tour because he wanted to “hit Legend” in NBA 2K, which is considered one of the game’s greatest achievements. It requires an immense amount of grinding as you have to reach the rank 40 in four different seasons, which can take a long time. So long, in fact, that you might not have time to go on a million-dollar tour. The Game went on to note that he directed it and “was first” that year.

The Game also said he didn’t regret it because it made him happy and he didn’t want to go on tour at the time, noting that the money wouldn’t automatically make him happy. While $7 million is a lot to turn down and a lot of people would jump on it, The Game noted that his heart wasn’t in it and what made him happy was playing NBA 2K at the time- the. Of course, The Game is pretty famous and doesn’t need to work 40 hours a week to survive, so he can probably make time to play his favorite game.

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