Nestheads, Open-world, Adventure Game that Merges Cognitive Science and Gaming, Launches on Kickstarter

DENVER, January 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — nest headsa 2D open-world adventure game based on exploring your own mind, launched today on Kickstarter and will continue February 13, 2023.

“We believe self-mastery should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and that’s why we’re turning to Kickstarter to make Nestheads a reality,” said David Formanco-founder of Nestheads Inc. “With your support, we can bring this innovative game to players around the world and help them discover the wonders of their inner world.”

Navigate the hand-drawn 2D world of the human brain as you explore real-world locations like your hippocampus, midbrain, and angular gyrus. Experiences include visiting a paranoid kingdom made entirely of cardboard, a theme park dedicated to narcissism, and a factory that manufactures the motor impulses that make your muscles move. The open-world content focuses on things like how habits are formed, capturing dreams, and fighting negative thoughts.

Fellow Nesthead co-founder Brody Pendragon, Head of Design and Art, worked to seamlessly integrate cognitive science, mythos, and self-realization into a fun, brilliant, and easy-to-play game.

The main character is a representation of the player who embarks on a classic hero’s journey, fighting his own dark side and freeing his head from chaos to restore peace.

“Most video games hijack your brain’s reward systems to trick you into playing them longer to sell you more stuff you don’t need, Nestheads leverages those same systems but in a way that can improve your life experience,” said Dr. John Vervaeke, Doctor of Cognitive Sciences. “Nidheads is a way to put people’s feet on the path to wisdom.”

Nestheads will be ideal for fans of Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Psychonauts, Paper Mario and Undertale.

Nestheads is now available on Kickstarter until February 13 with exclusive rewards reserved for contributors to the crowdfunding campaign. To learn more about the product and project team, visit the Nestheads Kickstarter page:

About the Nestheads: Nestheads is a 2D open-world adventure game set in your own head where players control their will, a manifestation of pure intention, and are on a mission to free their heads from chaos and restore tranquility to mind. For more information, visit

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