New Dead Cells Update Released

Motion Twin developers have released some updates for the game dead cells over the past few days, including the latest Alpha update. The update includes a few key aspects that players have been asking for rework, such as cosmetic items, item and weapon balances, and an overhaul to the Legendary system.

What does this Dead Cells update bring?

Dead cell action screenshot.

Game fans dead cells have been waiting for the release of panchaku for some time now, and the developers have announced that it has been added to the Alpha Update, along with a brand new Bobby skin with the iconic pink flame head. The panchaku allows players to land critical hits on enemies they face and features a pretty sick combo to go along with it.

Game elements have also been revamped with this update, which is much needed as they haven’t been reworked in over a year. The devs mentioned that they’ve noticed some weapon imbalances since adding new updates over the past year, but have now fixed those issues in the Alpha.

So why are they even doing a rebalance? Motion Twin clarifies this by stating, “Well, we have to do this to keep the element of variety strong – a good roguelite should give you tough choices. If you’re going to pick up the same 2-3 weapons every time, then you ‘ We’re going to get bored pretty quickly – we don’t want people recycling 90% of guns without even considering using them.”

This shows that the developers want to provide more variety to players instead of allowing gameplay to become mundane and stagnate over time. They also want players to dive deeper into the loot pool instead of keeping 2-3 weapons and letting others sit in their inventory. They also offered quite a few buffs, such as:

  • Hard Light Sword and Pistol: slight sword damage buff and pistol attack speed buff
  • Queen’s Rapier: Delayed Slice Strikes Earlier
  • Maw of the Deep: attack speed buff
  • Wrecking Ball: the first and last attack are faster
  • Legugger: Now jumps to a nearby target before launching its revive attack + retains its growth state through item instances while on a run
  • Gilded Yumi: slightly decreased charge time + now reliably crit on Mama Tick (to be consistent with Impale)
  • Killing Deck: damage buff on the first two attacks
  • Hand Hook: Now also critically hits when the thrown enemy hits another entity.
  • Greed Shield: can now trigger once per enemy every 10 seconds + damage buff
  • Frenzied Sword: Critical hit multiplier is now inversely proportional to your health (at 50% max health or less)
  • Abyssal Trident: Slight damage buff
  • Shrapnel Axes: Slight damage buff
  • Pollo Power: now fires one more egg + damage buff
  • Crowbar: now also crits enemy beasts (hand picked, think “non-humanoid, non-mechanical”)
  • Lightning Bolt: Now crits one tick earlier and damages you one tick later
  • Spiked Shield: Critical Damage Buff

Along with adding new buffs, they also nerfed a few in-game elements, including:

  • Smoke Bomb: Scaling heavily nerfed (it followed the same formula as stats)
  • Grappling Hook: Same as Smoke Bomb
  • Boy’s Axe: damage nerf + cannot cast Extra Ammo affix + cannot be affected by Ammo mutation
  • Bladed Tonfas: Slight crit multiplier nerf
  • Lacerating Aura: Cooldown now begins when the effect ends instead of when it is cast.
  • Maw of the Deep: its root is now less effective on bosses
  • Crusher: it is slow and is currently less effective on bosses
  • Hunter’s Grenade: no longer provides stats
  • Rapier: damage nerf
  • Sonic Carbine: damage nerf
  • Bow of Hokuto: procs less often + damage bonus nerfed

The developers mention that at this time none of this is set in stone and is subject to change, so players don’t need to panic about these changes. The developers have indicated that they are open to hearing from players and considering their feedback on these changes, and may modify them soon.

The legendary system got a complete overhaul, where they’ve now removed the dual stat scaling system to implement legendary affixes. The affixes that have been added are there to make the weapons much more substantial than they were before by adding a new gameplay element rather than just increasing the damage of each weapon separately.

Several changes have been added, and those wishing to read each in detail can do so here. Changes to dead cells to excite the fans, as the game has become more and more popular since its release. These changes were also much needed, especially in the weapons department, as they hadn’t received attention for some time.

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