North Shields woman, 23, falls for Jesmond millionaire, 56 – but insists she’s not a gold digger

A 23-year-old woman from North Shields is engaged to a man more than twice her age who happens to be a millionaire – but she insists that she would still be with him even without the money.

Allana Luke met her 56-year-old beau Jeff Winn on Tinder in October 2020, and says that the pair hit it off straight away. Allana had recently decided to increase her age range on the dating platform, after becoming “fed up with immature guys my own age”.

It wasn’t long before Jeff invited Allana over to his mansion, an 11-bedroom former girls’ school in Jesmond . The pair admitted their love for one another on holiday in Marbella shortly afterwards, after Jeff gave Allana a gift of diamond earrings.

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Allana soon moved into the enormous mansion, and the couple have been together ever since. Jeff popped the question in June, presented her with a 3.4 carat diamond ring, The Mirror reports .

Moving into a mansion staffed with a cleaner, bartender and three gardeners was a big adjustment for Allana, who grew up on a council estate and was living in a council flat before she met Jeff. Her fiancé has so far spoiled her with expensive holidays abroad, designer handbags, a Rolex watch and an Audi TT.

Allana and Jeff recently spent ten weeks in Thailand on one of their luxury holidays
Allana and Jeff recently spent ten weeks in Thailand on one of their luxury holidays

But despite her new lavish lifestyle, Allana says that her love for Jeff is the real deal. “There’s no denying Jeff looks much older than me, which can cause people to roll their eyes when they see us,” she admitted.

“They automatically assume I am just another girl after his money – I don’t blame them as it would be my first thought too. But I would still be with Jeff even if he lost the house and went bankrupt,” she vowed.

Allana is the same age as Jeff’s daughter, Nina, and the pair often go out clubbing together. But she says that despite being 33 years her senior, Jeff is “young at heart”.

“Once people get to know us, they can tell we’re a great match. We have the same banter and are always laughing,” she said, adding that she’s not ashamed to show her affection towards Jeff in public. “We shouldn’t have to hide the loves of our lives because we are scared of getting judged.”

Jeff was also full of praise for his bride-to-be, saying he knew instantly that his relationship with Allana would be more than just a fling. He admitted that men high-five him when he’s out with his fiancée – and said that those who stare at them in public are “just jealous”.

Allana now works as Jeff’s PA, arranging estate matters. She said that she is prepared to sign a pre-nup before the pair tie the knot, and relinquish rights to the Jesmond mansion to give Jeff “peace of mind”.


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