Nunavut at the Summer Games: Week 1 in photos

The indoor volleyball team prepares for its matches which start on Tuesday

Nunavut wrestler Kaaju Arreak, in yellow, of Iqaluit uses a back arch to avoid being pinned, during a match at the Canada Summer Games on Tuesday. (Photo by Denis Cahill, special for Nunatsiaq News)

Gord Howard

It was an action-packed opening week for Nunavut athletes at the Canada Summer Games this week.

The highlight saw 18-year-old Cambridge Bay wrestler Eekeeluak Avalak win the men’s 52-kilogram wrestling gold medal – the territory’s first-ever Canada Games gold medal, and only the second medal ever. he has won since Eugene Dedrick won bronze in judo at the Winter Games in 2007.

There are no events scheduled for Team Nunavut on Saturday, and a trip to Niagara Falls was planned for athletes, coaches and staff.

Most of the wrestling and beach volleyball team members are scheduled to return to Nunavut on Sunday. Meanwhile, the men’s and women’s indoor volleyball teams are expected in Niagara to begin their games competition with games scheduled to begin Tuesday.

The Nunavut athletes who competed in Week 1 were: in wrestling, Davey Akat of Arviat; Isaiah Angutimmarik, Igloolik; Cash Arreak, Iqaluit; Joseph Dimitruk, Cambridge Bay; Kiana Ekpakohak, Cambridge Bay; Jonah Kunilusie, Chief; Saint Chasity Jean, Heir; and Eekeeluak Avalak.

The beach volleyball players were Aiden Anawak, Ian McDonald, Shawna Kyak and Talia Grant, all from Iqaluit.

The Canada Summer Games will be held August 6-21 in the Niagara region of Ontario, approximately 100 kilometers from Toronto.

The closing ceremonies of the 2022 Canada Summer Games are scheduled for August 21 in Queen Victoria Park near Niagara Falls.

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