P.T. Developer Responsible for Removing Game From PlayStation Store Speaks Out

The person in charge of pulling the plug PT spoke about the issue, noting that they wished it had gone differently. PT was and still is arguably one of the biggest pieces of viral marketing in all of gaming. It was a free PS4 demo released by a developer/publisher that no one had ever heard of and no one knew about it other than it was supposed to be pretty scary. Players wandered around a seemingly normal house and solved puzzles as things grew increasingly spooky and mysterious. At the end, the protagonist was revealed to be played by Norman Reedus and it was a big advertisement for a new Silent Hill game by Hideo Kojima. Unfortunately, a few months later, the project was canceled and PT. was eventually removed from the PlayStation Store and could never be reinstalled by those who removed it.

For the 8th anniversary of the demo’s release, Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro and others celebrated the game. Among them was the one responsible for helping release PT as a secret project and then ultimately tearing down the game. As reported by VGC, a former Konami employee going by Pearl L on Twitter (whose account has since been made private) shared her feelings and insight into the social media process. She noted that she called Sony to shut down the game and block redownloads, stating “That was a super fun conversation”. Pearl announced the removal of PT was “a difficult situation” and “not a good situation all around”, praising Sony for their help and dealing with the difficult situation. She also agreed with a fan who questioned if the process was “awkward” and later said she wished things were different.

“Believe me, I wish it had gone differently too,” she told another user. “It was so much fun plotting this cool, secret thing for the fans. It was amazing to see everyone come together to try to figure out the experience and to see them come away with so much love for it! I I’m super grateful, I have to be a part of it in some way.”

There are plenty of rumors that new Silent Hill games are in the works, but Hideo Kojima is unlikely to be involved in any of them. The undoing of Kojima’s take on Silent Hill is still a sensitive topic for many horror fans given that it had so much potential. Whether future games in the series can live up to that hype remains to be seen.

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