Party Animals Will Have 12 Maps When it Launches This Year

Many people are waiting party animals, the most followed game on Steam. The wait has just been made a little more bearable with the title’s latest dev diary, which revealed maps, modes, and more. There will be 12 maps that will be used with three game modes: Last Stand, Team Score and Arcade, although the names of the game modes themselves may not be final. With the game releasing this year, it only makes sense that we would receive another dev diary. There’s a lot more to cover, so let’s get to it, shall we?

What else new with party animals?

The game’s three modes are pretty straightforward: Last Stand has players trying to survive until they’re last, Team Score has teams trying to outdo each other, and Arcade is a collection of cards that don’t fit. not in the previous two modes. Two of the maps revealed in Last Stand are Blizzard Warning, where players must be close to a campfire to avoid freezing, and Black Hole, where players hold on to heavy objects to avoid being sucked into a hole. black. .

black hole map
Losing here would suck.

A map revealed for Team Score is Need for Speeding Train, where teams will need to haul chunks of coal into the fire truck to speed up their train. The two trains are next to each other and the team that crosses the finish line first wins.

In order to play together, players on Xbox and Steam can now add themselves to an in-game friends list, which should make cross-platform play much easier. There’s also an in-game chat that can be used with friends and strangers, which is definitely a good thing to have.

in-game chat

When players talk to each other in-game, their messages appear above their character or avatar. This means that to talk to another person, you’ll have to physically see them in-game, which is fine.

There’s also Quick Games, which now has players in groups of 1-4 people playing fair games against other groups. Custom games can now also be sorted, searched and filtered to find a favorite lobby. Custom settings include changing team size, player HP, stamina, and weapon ban. There is also an option to change the game to a single kill to make things more interesting. Custom game servers will be peer to peer, so when the host leaves everyone is started.

Last but not least, up to four local players can play now, which should hopefully make for a fun time. The first player can use a keyboard and mouse, but the other three potential players must use a controller. On Xbox, players will need two controllers to enable split-screen.

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