Payne Haas Brisbane contact, release request agent Tyran Smith, Khoder Nasser who is pulling the strings

The Payne Haas saga has quieted down for now, but debate continues over the handling of the superstar’s contract negotiations with Brisbane – and who is ‘really pulling the strings’.

Haas and his manager Tyran Smith dropped a bombshell by demanding an immediate release from his Broncos contract last week, as the 22-year-old seeks an $800,000-a-year contract upgrade.

The club rejected the request and the parties have now agreed to postpone further talks until the end of the season.

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Veteran The telegraph of the day journalist Phil Rothfield warned that “it will come back” while discussing the situation on NRL 360 Wednesday night and also targeted Haas’ agent.

“I tell you what I’m really disappointed about…that fellow Tyran Smith allegedly dealing with Payne Haas hasn’t been spotted by Nobbys,” Rothfield said.

“He was the one who sent the 10:30 p.m. email asking for immediate release, he had no discussion before that. Every member of the media has tried to contact him since.

Braith Anasta asked Rothfield if Khoder Nasser, who is no longer a registered NRL agent, was really leading Haas’ handling of the situation.

“Khoder is definitely (pulling the strings) because Payne Haas has admitted that Sonny Bill Williams is involved in his counseling, so if Sonny Bill is involved, Khoder is involved,” Rothfield said.

Stream every game from every round of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership season live and ad-free during play on Kayo. New to Kayo? Try it free for 14 days now.

“But the bottom line is that we can only take care of the paperwork. Khoder is not a registered manager, his registered manager is Tryan Smith.

“It’s his (Smith’s) job to look after the player and not put him in the position where he was booed by about 30,000 the other night.

“He’s leaking to a reporter… the soft side of the story, but he won’t pick up the phone and explain to anyone why he left this player in the position he’s in.”

Anasta stepped in to defend Smith.

“I think he’s a great agent. I know him well… I see him around Coogee, he coaches all the young kids, he deals with the young guys I think he got caught up in something here that just got a little too out of control and I feel for him in this situation,” Anasta said.

“…I hear Khoder is behind this.”


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NRL player agent Tyran SmithSource: Facebook

The panel also debated whether Haas should take responsibility for the backlash, regardless of who was really advising him.

“The player has to take some responsibility. You can’t say it’s all down to the agent,” Brent Read said.

“I would be amazed if he sent this (email) without Payne Haas knowing. Payne Haas allowed this to happen.

Paul Kent added: “What often gets lost in a lot of these situations is that players forget that the agent is working for them and too often they are told what to do and how to behave and what is going to happen by the agent and just go with her under the belief that the agent knows..

“In this case, the agent has a deliberate tactic to agitate and irritate the Broncos to the point where they might just say ‘you know what, you’re not worth it’.”

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