Peter Andre shares heartbreaking reason for emotional trip back to Australia after two years

Peter Andre has opened up about his emotional reunion with his family in Australia after more than two years apart.

The Mysterious Girl singer has been sharing moving images on his Instagram page of himself and his son Junior, who he shares with ex-wife Katie Price, reuniting with his beloved parents after the coronavirus pandemic prevented them from travelling to the the other side of the world.

Peter and Junior, 16, also appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday to chat to Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard about finally being able to see his elderly parents and sharing why it was so important for him to go back as soon as possible.

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The TV star and his son were joined on the show live from Australia by his brother Michael and sister Debbie, with two of their siblings yet to be able to get there.

“Honestly these last few days for us have just been the best days we’ve had in many, many years,” Peter said. “Seeing my sister, seeing my mum and my dad, it’s just incredible. I was very emotional obviously.”

Peter and his brother confirmed there were lots of tears when they were finally brought back together saying neither of them “could contain themselves” and that they “haven’t stopped hugging”.

Peter was delighted as he appeared on GMB with his family from Australia

But their reunion also comes with a tinge of sadness as Peter spoke about his mum, Thea, after previously opening up on his mother’s health which he said was “declining”.

He said during he appearance on GMB: “She’s suffering quite a bit… it means a lot that we’re able to have this time with mum. We’re so grateful.”

He then went on to praise his sister Debbie as she sat alongside him as she was caring for their parents while he and other family members were unable to fly out and be there with them

“I love my sister,” Pete emotionally said, pulling her in for a side hug.

Junior was then asked who was the most emotional when they were finally back in each other’s company and reavealed all about the emotional trip.

“Dad is a very emotional guy, but even I was very emotional,” the teenager said. “I hadn’t seen them for a very long time, and I have been dying to see them.

“Finally I was able to come and see them, and it’s been amazing. I’ve missed them so much, it’s so good to see them, there’s been emotional tears.”

On Thursday Peter shared a moving image of him kissing his mother on her head as he told his 1.8m followers how amazing it was to be back with his family.

“These last few days with my mum have been the greatest days in many many years. I can’t begin to express how I feel to be with her. I’m happy now,” he wrote.

The father-of-four then shared a picture of Thea embracing Junior and giving him a kiss on the cheek, simply writing: “yiayia and J,” which is Green for grandmother.

Junior, who is following in his dad’s musical footsteps after signing a record deal, was quick to comment, writing: “Love my yiayia,2 before fans gushed over the adorable posts.

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