‘Phasmophobia’ players want smaller maps according to poll

Phasmophobia players voted on the types of cards they would like to see added to the game, with a consensus forming around the idea that most are already too big.

A post on the co-op horror game’s subreddit asked “what kind of map would you like to see?” earlier this week (August 12), with a number of comments discussing and showing some disdain for the game’s large maps (via PCGamesN).

With over 2,000 votes (as of August 14), the choices for potential new maps range from a circus to a movie theater, manufacturing plant, small town square, and office park/corporate building.

The top comment currently says “none of that. Big maps are boring”. With a response explaining how these ideas could be made smaller and fenced in instead of too open.

Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games

“I don’t have any suggestions or ideas to fix this, but my main concern with larger maps is dying as soon as we find the ghost,” another commenter wrote. “We were playing jail last night, we all split up and by the time we found the ghost our sanity was low enough to start a ghost hunt.”

Contrary to this, another user wrote that he thinks some sort of custom difficulty could improve larger maps, with the rules being changed to change how groups play the game.

A few users also say that the Asylum map is too big, although it has a good vibe for ghost hunting mechanics.

This survey and selection of feedback does not mean that major changes will come. Phasmophobia maps anytime soon, but it might get noticed by the developers at Kinetic Games.

In other news, a former Konami employee who was responsible for registration and deregistration PT on the stores spoke about the experience.

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