Plaid Hat Games Reveal’s Forgotten Waters’ Spiritual Successor is in Development

Plaid Hat Games has produced beloved games like Mice & Mystics, Summoner Wars, and most recently Forgotten Waters, and now they’ve announced one of their next projects. The studio revealed to Gen Con (via Dicebreaker) that a spiritual successor to Forgotten Waters is in development that will bring back designers J. Arthur Ellis and Mr. Bistro. Original co-designer Isaac Vega will not return for the project, although Donald Shults will step into a co-designer role this time around. Few details are known about the spiritual successor, although Plaid Hat Games has confirmed that it is not a direct sequel and will not be a pirate-themed game like Forgotten. Waters.

For those unfamiliar with Forgotten Waters, the game had players take on the role of a crew on a pirate ship as you cross the seas and experience a story of twists and turns along the way.

(Photo: Plaid Hat Games)

Roles include Gunner, Ship’s Scribe, Mate, Bosun, Lookout, and Quartermaster, but whichever role you take on, you’ll also contribute to the overall adventure with the choices you you will do while working on your own individual goals. The game’s story is also relayed through the companion app, with full voice acting to further immerse you in the story, and as you can see in our full review, the game successfully delivered a truly unique pirate adventure. and immersive for all tabletop fans.

Hopefully we’ll have more information about the new game soon, but it’s worth noting that it’s not a direct sequel. That said, there are a whole host of genres and concepts that would fit perfectly with the mix of storytelling and gameplay that Plaid Hat Games has delivered in Forgotten Waters, so it’s not like they’re running out of options. You can find the official description of Forgotten Waters below.

“Forgotten Waters is a Crossroads game set in a fantasy pirate adventure world. Players take on the role of pirates navigating a ship together, trying to pursue their own personal stories as well as a common goal. The world of Forgotten Waters is silly and magical, with stories designed to encourage players to explore and laugh with joy as they interact with the world around them. It’s a game where every choice can leave a lasting impact on the story. , and players will want to turn every stone over, just to see what they find.”

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