PlayStation Plus Games Revealed Alongside New Gaming Tech From Sony – GS News Updates

July’s PlayStation Plus game rumors have been confirmed and the PS5 is getting some exciting new accessories. Plus, an update for Skull and Bones on today’s GameSpot News.

After an initial leak, as PlayStation Plus games are known to do, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, and Arcadeggedon are confirmed to be your included titles for July on the service.

Subscribers of all skill levels will now be able to enjoy the entire Bandicoot saga, with all three original games already part of the PS Plus collection via the N. Sane Trilogy. Man of Medan is a horror game from developer Supermassive, which recently released another creepy title The Quarry, and Arcadeggedon is an arena shooter with PVE and PVP elements. All three titles will be available for download at no additional cost to subscribers on July 5.

That’s not the only thing up Sony’s sleeve! The company also announced the release of a number of gaming accessories under a new gaming brand, InZone. The initial lineup consists of two monitors and three gaming headsets, with both sets of products designed for use with PCs and PlayStation consoles.

The pair of monitors are dubbed M9 and M3. The M9 sports a 27-inch 4K display with 144Hz refresh rate. Supporting video input via HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort and USB-C, the device can connect to a powerful gaming rig, to a MacBook Air or any other device in between. And with features like automatic HDR tone mapping, this monitor is designed to make tinkering with settings on a PlayStation 5 less of a hassle. Later in the year, the more affordable M3 will drop, sporting a lower resolution 1080p display, but bumping the refresh rate to 240Hz. Since the PS5 only supports up to 120Hz output, the higher refresh rate is really only for users looking to connect the monitor to a PC.

The InZone line of headphones consists of a wired option, the H3, and two wireless options, the H7 and H9. Differences in wireless options are mostly related to active noise cancellation, with the H7 not supporting this feature, but with increased battery life as a result. For more details on the monitor and headset lineups, like specific specs and how to get them in your hands, head over to

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