Powerhouse Hobbs Reveals What CM Punk Told Him Before Their Match

– During a recent interview with Josh Martinez for Superstar Crossover, AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs, who discussed his match with CM Punk for AEW Rampage that was held in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Powerhouse Hobbs on CM Punk: “I will say this about him, he may get mad. But Punk is one of those dudes. After every match that I have that airs, he always sits down and watches it with me. So we sit down together and we break down stuff. So he may get mad, but I told the whole world, Punk, so you’re that dude. But that match in Arthur Ashe, New York City, for 20,000+ people, was crazy. That whole night had a special meaning to me and Punk knew that because it was about a month since my mom passed away. So, my emotions and everything were everywhere. Right before the match got announced, or the day the match got announced, you know, he pulled me aside and said, ‘This is gonna be for her. Don’t worry about anything else. Nobody else. It’s just you, me, and her.’ That I will forever be grateful for.”

On how he was nervous during his entrance: “I was nervous. If you take a look during my entrance, it took me about three seconds to get all the way down. Like I was that nervous. I was in a rush to get down, I was sliding, hopping, and skipping. Man, I got to the back, and Mark Henry was like, ‘Take your time with your entrance,’ because it literally took me like maybe three seconds to get down. But nerves were everywhere. As soon as his music hit, and you look around, and you see everybody singing, and he comes up and stands up on that top rope. I was like, ‘Okay, shit’s about to be on. I just felt so comfortable out there.”

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