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Prince William and Prince Harry’s once-close relationship has been under strain for several years. It has been reported that the tension between the two royals won’t be mended quickly despite signs that Harry is “looking for approval” from the Royal family, in particular from his elder brother. Speaking on Australia’s Today Show, Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers discussed the ongoing tensions between the two brothers.

Today‘s host Karl Stefanovic said: “I hadn’t realised the fact that probably it was coming from, the shutouts coming from William as opposed to Harry.

“I think we all just assumed, considering the bad press around Meghan and Harry, that it’s always like them snubbing people but actually, he’s [Harry] looking for approval from his brother [William] but his brother’s shutting the door”.

Mr Myers agreed: “Yes, very much so, I think that’s totally right.

“I saw it with my own eyes during that St Paul’s Cathedral event.”

The royal expert added: “Harry is desperate, I think, for approval from his brother and yet is caught in this, sort of, no-man’s land.

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“[Harry] wants to get on with his life with Meghan in California, they’ve set up this new life, everything seems to be going great guns with them.

“They’ve made an awful lot of money through these Netflix and Spotify deals and yet he [Harry] still longs for this, sort of, belonging from the family,”

Mr Myers continued: “When he’s still giving interviews, sort of, slagging them off every now and then, it’s a very very long road back for him unfortunately at the moment.

“I think there just needs to be a bit more space between them before those boys can get back together.”

He added: “I’m sure everybody would wish that it would happen”. Karl’s co-host Allison Langdon added: “Hopefully time can heal that wound”.

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In January 2020, Harry and Meghan announced, via their official Instagram account, that they were to step down as senior working royals.

The couple stated that the decision had been made “after many months of reflection and internal discussions”.

They said they had “chosen to make a transition this year is starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution”.

In the statement, which accompanied a photograph of the couple, the Duke and Duchess claimed that they intended to “work to become financially independent” but vowed to continue “to fully support Her Majesty The Queen”.


The couple made their official return to the UK earlier this month where they joined the rest of the Royal Family in celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

They arrived in the UK, along with their two children, on June 1 and reportedly flew home to the US before the Jubilee celebrations concluded.

On June 3, the couple arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral to attend the National Service of Thanksgiving.

According to a report from The Sun, Harry and William allegedly didn’t spend any time together during Harry’s recent UK visit for the Platinum Jubilee.

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