Prince Harry ‘nonsense’ security excuse branded ‘cruellest’ heartbreak for Queen

Prince Harry ‘disrespectful’ decision to pull out of Prince Philip memorial service this month is dubbed ‘nonsense.’

Royal expert Robert Jobson mocks the Duke of Sussex decision over ‘security threats’, especially after Harry plans to attend Invictus Games in Holland.

Speaking on Royally US, Mr Jobson said: “Well, it is disappointing isn’t it, there doesn’t appear to be any serious reason why he can’t be there.

“He is going to Holland for the Invictus Games shortly afterwards. All this business about he doesn’t feel safe and can’t get the protection that he needs.

“I think it is nonsense, all you have to do is hire former royal protection officers that are no more than 50 years old – they tend to retire quite early.

“And they would be in the loop for protection and you would be as safe as if you had your own armed bodyguard.”

Mr Jobson said he “did not buy it” and claimed Harry had a book coming out which would “cause trouble” with his family members.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, also shared his two cents on the issue as he spoke to GB News. 

He said: “I think it’s the cruellest and meanest thing he could do and I have no respect for this man at all.

“To not go and honour his grandfather and then not got to the jubilee to deny the children to the Queen.

“It’s unforgivable.”

Mr Markle added: “The complaint about security is crazy, there would be tons of security around them, he’s just making up excuses.

“Then the other thing is he’s going to the Invictus Games.

“This has to hurt the Queen and she’s gone through so much.

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