Queen Elizabeth II cancels online meetings for the second time in a week due to COVID-19 symptoms, Buckingham Palace says

Queen Elizabeth II has postponed two virtual audiences as she continues to experience cold-like symptoms from COVID-19, Buckingham Palace says.

It was the second time that the 95-year-old monarch had cancelled virtual meetings since she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the week.

She had spoken by telephone with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday in what was seen as an encouraging sign of her recovery.

The Queen has been holding the virtual meetings since the start of the pandemic, but had recently met with officials and ambassadors in person before contracting COVID-19.

The monarch’s age, COVID-19 diagnosis and a health scare last year have caused worry among officials and the public.

She had spent a night in hospital in October for an undisclosed ailment after cancelling a two-day trip to Northern Ireland, and recently quipped that she was unable to move.

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