Rapid rise of Vyper’s shop chairs

In this episode of Still Building America, we chat with the guys behind Vyper Industrial: co-founders and brothers Dayne Rusch and Dylan Rusch as well as chief marketing officer Alex Ostrihonsky. The Green Bay, Wis. company kicked off in 2020 with their groundbreaking industrial chair design, inspired by a prototype created by their father, Chris Rusch, co-founder of Rusch Machine & Design Inc., at his home store .

“He was still working in the garage. The first chair he made was some kind of scrap he put down in his shop,” Dayne said in the video interview. “It wasn’t the prettiest chair, but the idea was there. We took that prototype and made it perfect.”

In a very short time, Vyper’s chairs and stools have made waves among professional metal fabricators, welders and hobby craftsmen working in their garages.

“It’s something we think the market needs. And if it’s something we need, then more than likely a million more people will need the same product,” he said. added Dayne. “We made a website, and the next thing you know, one chair turned into two, two turned into ten, and ten turned into thousands.”

The Rusch Brothers explain how they and the rest of the Vyper industry team are committed to valuing 100% Made in the USA products. And after such a rapid rise to success in just two years, Vyper seeks to take the company to the next level by continuing to improve current products, innovate chair designs, listen to customer feedback and find ways to set new quality standards.

“There have been continuous improvements since the day we started,” Dayne said.

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