Royal expert asks what Prince Harry ‘wants’ amid reports Spare is so explosive it will cause a permanent rift with Prince William

A royal expert has questioned what Prince Harry “wants” ahead of his tell-all memoir Spare and amid reports it is so explosive it will cause a permanent rift between him and  his estranged brother.

Jennie Bond spoke with GB News following claims Harry’s relationship with his older brother Prince William was already “hanging by a thread”.

The royal commentator said although William is the heir to the throne and Harry is the spare, the 38-year-old would surely detest the restrictions that came with being King.

“I don’t think he’d like the fact that his wings will be clipped even further like his father’s have been now that he is monarch.” Ms Bond said.

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“I don’t think he’d like anything about it.

“I think that [Harry] doesn’t like very much about the way the institution of our monarchy works.” 

She argued that while title of Harry’s book Spare is “very revealing”, feuds between brothers go back as far as Cain and Abel.

“There’s nothing new about that. So, what did Harry want? Did he want the destiny into which William was born? Does he want to be King? I think not,” she said.

“Look back if you like to George the sixth and his brother Edward the eighth, who abdicated and handed this chalice to his brother Bertie.

“His wife, the Queen mother, was crying, when they knew this was to be their destiny. She didn’t want him to be King. So, what is it that Harry wants?”

The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly been warned to “brace for the worst” after details of the book were leaked.

One advanced reader told The Sunday Times the book will be harder on William and Kate than the royal family is expecting.

On Monday a teaser for Harry’s forthcoming ITV interview dropped in which Prince Harry opens up about his fraught family relationships.

In the clip, the Duke of Sussex boldly admitted to journalist Tom Bradby: “I would like to get my father back, I would like to have my brother back.” 

The California-based royal also told the veteran broadcaster that what he wants is “a family, not an institution”.

The interview will air in the United Kingdom on Sunday, ahead of the release of the Duke’s memoir Spare on Tuesday.

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