Rumor That Fable 4 Was Restarted Internally Is Debunked – Report

Following rumors that the current version of Fable 4 has been scrapped and rebooted from scratch in the Unreal game development engine, journalist Jez Corden has debunked the claims on Twitter. Corden tweeted, “Hard confirmed that these are total lies” in response to the tweet containing the rumors. chief Christopher Dring also chimed in to say the claims aren’t true.

The original tweet, created by Idle Sloth, has now been deleted, but a screenshot with the original information is included below. Idle Sloth was inspired by rumors from 4chan, which claimed that the current version of Fable 4 was deemed “‘unplayable’ by most of the team”, and that “the Forzatech version of Fable 4 will never see the light of day” .

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Fable 4 was officially announced in 2020, and no official release date has been set by Playground Games. Not much is known about Fable 4, and the developers haven’t talked much about the game. We do know that it’s created in the Forza game engine. It’s also likely been in development for at least five years, according to the context clues offered by Playground lead engineer Tom Gaulton’s work anniversary celebration tweet.

Playground is best known for Forza Horizon games, acclaimed racing simulations. In his review of Forza Horizon 5, GameSpot reviewer Alessandro Barbosa praised the game for continuing and iterating on the Forza Horizon brand of open-world racing games.

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