Salman Rushdie – latest: Author taken off ventilator and talking as Hadi Matar pleads not guilty to attempted murder

Author Salman Rushdie assaulted on stage in New York

Sir Salman Rushdie’s agent has confirmed he has been taken off the ventilator and speaks as the man accused of stabbing him pleaded not guilty on Saturday to charges of attempted murder and assault.

A lawyer for Hadi Matar, 24, argued on her behalf in a formal hearing in a court in western New York.

Matar appeared in court wearing a black and white jumpsuit and a white mask, his hands cuffed in front of him.

A judge has ordered him to be held without bail after District Attorney Jason Schmidt told him Matar had taken steps to deliberately put himself in a position to harm Sir Salman, obtaining an advance pass to the event where the author was speaking and arriving a day early with a fake ID.

“This was a targeted, unprovoked, pre-planned attack on Mr. Rushdie,” Mr. Schmidt said.

Sir Salman was seriously injured and is in hospital on a ventilator and could lose an eye, his agent has said.


The second speaker suffered injuries in an attack

A second speaker was injured in Friday’s attack on Sir Salman.

Ralph Henry Reese, 73, suffered a minor head injury.

He was taken to hospital in an ambulance and then released with a facial injury.


Judge details horrific injuries

A judge has detailed the injuries sustained by Sir Salman on Friday night when he was stabbed multiple times.

He suffered three stab wounds to the right side of the front of his neck, four stab wounds to the stomach, a puncture to his right eye and chest and a laceration to his right thigh, according to the district attorney. county, Chautauqua County District attorney, Jason Schmidt, said.

He underwent surgery after the attack and was taken off a ventilator.


Watch: Moments Salman Rushdie’s attacker apprehended by members of the public seconds after stabbing author

Audience members go for a knife moments after he stabbed Sir Salman Rushdie on stage in New York, new footage shows.

In the clip, filmed August 12, the audience at the Chautauqua facility can be heard screaming as dozens apprehend the attacker – identified as 24-year-old Hadi Matar from New Jersey.

Several witnesses rush onto the scene and appear to snatch the aggressor satanic verses author before tackling him to the ground while others quickly surround Mr. Rushdie and begin to provide him with medical attention.


JK Rowling says ‘police are involved’ after receiving death threats over Salman Rushdie’s tweet

JK Rowling told her fans that the police were involved after a tweet about Salman Rushdie prompted a death threat on Twitter.

Polemic Harry Potter The author had expressed sympathy for Rushdie after he was stabbed on stage Friday at a literary event in New York.

Shortly after posting the message, Rowling shared an image of a response she received, which read, “Don’t worry, you’re next.”

The author first tagged on the Twitter support account, writing, “Any chance to get help?

Later, she took stock of fans and thanked them for their messages, writing, “To everyone sending messages of support: thank you. The police are involved (was already involved in other threats).

Louis Chilton has the whole story:


Salman Rushdie is off-fan and able to speak, agent confirms

Salman Rushdie was taken off a ventilator and able to speak on Saturday, his agent confirmed.

satanic verses The novelist remains hospitalized with serious injuries, but fellow author Aatish Taseer said in a since-deleted tweet on Saturday night that he was “off the ventilator and talking (and joking).”

Rushdie’s agent, Andrew Wylie, confirmed this information without giving further details.


The suspect was a “loner” who did a lot of fitness

Hadi Matar, who was charged with the attempted murder of Salman Rushdie, is a “loner” who was focused on losing weight, according to one of his neighbors.

They said The temperature“We talked about training, fitness and food – he wanted to lose weight because he was a bit overweight. Once he started training he lost a lot of weight.

“We used to go boxing together, but we didn’t do sparring, we did jumping jacks, bag punches, not the heavy stuff.

“I would say he was a loner and I didn’t see him with friends and I don’t think he socialized much. You could tell how he was.


Suspect’s ex-stepfather cried when news of attack broke

Hadi Matar’s former father-in-law cried when he learned the 24-year-old was being investigated for the attack on Salman Rushdie.

In New Jersey, Fouad Komayah told The temperature: “Hadi? No! Hadi? Hadi? Hadi is a very good boy, he is intelligent, he has a good heart. He would not touch anyone.


Pictured: Suspect Hadi Matar appears in court






Rushdie had begun to believe ‘life had returned to normal’ before the attack

Salman Rushdie thought his life was “very normal again” just weeks before he was attacked on stage in New York.

The author told a reporter from the German news magazine Back that he would have been in much more danger if social media had existed when he wrote The Satanic Verses.

He said, “A fatwa is a serious thing. Luckily we didn’t have internet back then. Iranians had to send the fatwa to the mosques by fax. It’s a long time ago. Today, my life is back to very normal.

He says he is no longer afraid of “religious fanaticism”. “The biggest danger we face right now is that we lose our democracy,” he said.

“Since the Supreme Court verdict on abortion, I have been seriously concerned that the United States is failing. That the problems are irreparable and the country will break up. The greatest danger we face today is this type of cryptofascism that we see in America and elsewhere.


EU chief condemns Rushdie attack

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Saturday he “strongly” condemned the attack on writer Salman Rushdie.

“The international rejection of such criminal actions, which violate fundamental rights and freedoms, is the only path to a better and more peaceful world,” Borrell said in his tweet.

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