SAS Australia: Locky Gilbert busted in on-air lie

The one-time reality TV fave has hit a new low in his fall from grace — getting caught out trying to fake a moment for the cameras.

Self-described “reality TV fame wh**e” Locky Gilbert continues his fall from grace during Tuesday’s episode of SAS Australia when he admits to having zero empathy before getting busted fake crying in eerie scenes that make us do a double-take of the television screen to make sure we’re not actually watching Olivia on Married At First Sight.

What’s with all the reality stars proudly revealing they lack basic human emotions like compassion?

We should round ‘em all up and cast them on a fun new show where they laugh at hospital patients and push over children.

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Locky’s latest misstep is no surprise. Do we need to review his back catalogue? Let’s just whirl through the headlines.

In just a few short weeks, the former Survivor contestant and one-time star of The Bachelor was labelled a bully by SAS Australia staff for his antagonistic treatment of fellow contestant Pauly Fenech. Then he copped viewer backlash for taking a dig at people with “normal jobs” before bragging about not having to work for the past 10 years.

In his own words: “I am an egotistical arsehole.”

Up to speed?

Tonight, we enjoy more antics.

“My mum doesn’t even know I’m here,” he laughs to the other celebrity contestants. “I never tell her when I do TV shows. I just wait until she sees the ad on TV. I just think it’s funny not tellin’ her.”

His campmates look at each other with mouths agape.

“She didn’t know who won The Bachelor until she watched it on TV,” he recalls. “Survivor, she didn’t know I was on it both times. I don’t tell her anything. She f**king hates it.”

The soldiers take note of this and add it to their other observations. They’re starting to think Locky lacks empathy. Partly because he refuses to consider other people’s feelings. But also because he has outright admitted to not possessing the emotion.

“The fact that I don’t show grief, compassion, empathy, I think that kind of comes out in anger and there’s no other way I can express it,” he has declared over the course of the series.

So the soldiers put him to the test. Locky and the other celebrities are locked in a room and played a video message from their loved ones. It’s the task he’s dreading most.

He can handle being tear-gassed and pushed out of helicopters. But this video challenge is going to require something he just doesn’t have: human emotion.

He knows all the other contestants will burst into tears at the sight of their families. He’ll be the odd one out and this could lead to another interrogation. So he hatches a plan: he’ll fake cry.

“What I did on The Bachelor, if I knew it was going to be a sad interview, I’d listen to a sad song, it gets you in the mood,” he gleefully explains his manipulative tactic.

“It’s a really good technique. That’s what made me cry on the finale. I was literally standing on the thing with headphones in as the car rolled up and then (I’d put the) headphones in my pocket.”

But with no access to headphones or music on the SAS: Australia course, he’s forced to improvise. The soldiers drag him into the concrete cell, plonk him down in front of an iPad and rip the hood off his head. Before the video even starts to play, he gets cocky and starts sobbing while staring at the blank screen.

Then his partner Irena — the finalist he chose in the 2020 finale of The Bachelor — appears in the clip.

“Hey baby, miss you like crazy,” she says. “I love you and I’m so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard for this and you can finish this.”

Locky hangs his head and starts to splutter excessively, letting out weeps and whimpers. Then the OTT heavy breathing starts.

Watching on in the next room, the soldiers assess the performance.

“They’re not real tears,” one spits.

“His face looks dry!” another yells.

Maybe. But after not having a real job in 10 years, this attempt at fake crying is the most he’s ever worked.

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