Scarlett Comments After Women Thrown Out of WWE Show For Throwing Drink At Her

Scarlett had a bit of an altercation from an unruly fan at last night’s WWE house show, which led to the fan being ejected from the venue. As noted, the incident took place at the live event in Peoria, Illinois and saw the fan get ejected after she threw a drink at Scarlett, who was ringside for the match between Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre. PWInsider has new details regarding exactly what went down.

The incident happened after Scarlett slapped McIntyre while the referee was distracted. Scarlett then played to the crowed, only to be splashed by the alcoholic drink when the women — who was in the third row — threw her entire cup at Scarlett. One fan noted that security immediately checked on Scarlett, who said she was okay and then went back to working.

The venue’s security ran right to the woman and ejected her and her family. The match went as originally planned beyond the one incident.

Scarlett posted to Twitter to react to the incident, writing:

“As a classy woman from Chicago, I’m not surprised that something like this would happen in Peoria.

PS. To the granny who threw the drink, your booze was as cheap as your hairdo”

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