Secretlab Overwatch 2 Collection revealed: Tracer, Genji gaming chairs

The Overwatch 2 release is literally around the corner, with my favorite game – Overwatch – having its servers shut down (forever) a few hours ago… Overwatch 2 is dropping in the next 24 hours, and now Secretlab has your back (literally) with their new Overwatch 2 Collection gaming chairs.

Secretlab has unveiled the first two members of the Overwatch 2 collection with the Tracer Edition and Genji Edition gaming chairs, both of which are available in Small, Regular and XL versions and upholstered in Secretlab’s comfortable NEO Hybrid Leatherette.

Secretlab Overwatch 2 Collection Revealed: Tracer, Genji 04 Gaming Chairs |


As usual, the company puts an incredible amount of detail into the new Tracer Edition and Genji Edition gaming chairs, with Secretlab tweeting that “next-gen heroism demands next-gen ergonomics. Inspired by two of the characters the most iconic in Overwatch history – between the cyborg ninja Genji and Tracer the time-hopping adventurer, who’s your pick?”

Secretlab Overwatch 2 Collection Revealed: Tracer, Genji 03 Gaming Chairs |

Secretlab’s New Overwatch 2 Collection Tracer Edition Gaming Chair

Secretlab’s new Overwatch 2 Collection Tracer Edition gaming chair is gorgeous – just as I’ve come to expect from Secretlab: Tracer’s iconic super-shiny orange/blue/white theme. The company has pulled out all the stops for the Tracer Edition gaming chair, with the orange on the absolutely perfect chair… someone’s been playing Tracer too long, hey Secretlab? The blue here is absolutely chefkissemoji.jpg perfect.

Secretlab Overwatch 2 Collection Revealed: Tracer, Genji 01 Gaming Chairs |

The little touches are so beautiful to behold, with Secretlab pointing out that they used a unique (very beautiful, might I add) honeycomb pattern that was inspired by Tracer’s leggings in Overwatch for his gaming chair Trace Edition.

Secretlab Overwatch 2 Collection Revealed: Tracer, Genji 02 Gaming Chairs |

Secretlab’s New Genji Edition Overwatch 2 Collection Gaming Chair

But man, the artwork that Secretlab has done on the back of the Genji Edition gaming chair is on another level – similar to the work the company put into the beautiful Witcher Edition gaming chair. There’s an intricately embroidered dragon design that will look absolutely out of the chain lit up at night in your gaming lair.

Secretlab continues these small touches on the Genji Edition gaming chair, using Genji’s signature visor and embellishments with awesome accents (again, lit by light, it’ll look mean) on the shoulder. of the new gaming chair.

Secretlab already offers the Overwatch Edition and D.Va Edition gaming chairs from its original Overwatch Collection family, in the OMEGA 2020 and TITAN 2020 lineup. Hopefully we’ll see a Mercy chair from Secretlab… I mean, I’m a master Mercy with thousands of hours in Overwatch (RIP) and an Overwatch chair with wings extending from the chair would literally bring tears to my eyes.

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