Seth Rollins’ Path To WWE WrestleMania 38 Reaches A Crossroads

Seth Rollins WWE RAW

Image Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins walked into the March 21 episode of WWE RAW with the clear mission to finally earn his spot at WrestleMania 38. Unfortunately, Edge had other plans.

Early on in the show, the former WWE Universal Champion confronted Edge’s scheduled WrestleMania opponent, AJ Styles, and questioned whether “The Phenomenal One” was fit to compete just a few weeks after the WWE Hall of Famer brutally attacked him. Styles made it clear that he was ready, willing and able to face Edge, but WWE official Adam Pearce granted Rollins the opportunity to challenge Styles for his spot in the bout.

In the main event, Rollins and Styles went back and forth for the majority of the contest. However, as things came to a close, it looked as if Styles was on the ropes when Rollins literally tossed him outside the ring. But the sudden arrival of “The Rated-R Superstar” served as a twist of fate for Rollins, as he attacked Styles with a chair and caused the match to end in a disqualification.

With the match officially over, Styles was declared the winner, so he’ll still face Edge at WrestleMania. For this reason, Rollins was livid. He stormed over to the broadcast table, threw off the cover, and tossed the equipment before he grabbed a microphone. He called the outcome of the match “bulls—” and said that next week’s episode of Monday Night RAW “would not happen” unless he’s given the WrestleMania moment he deserves.

Rollins then ended the show by absolutely trashing the ringside area, as he kicked over security barricades, flipped the commentary table, and pulled off coverings from the turnbuckles and the side of the ring.

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