Sonic Origins Dev is “Very Unhappy” With Sega About State of Game

One of the developers of Sound origins came out against Sega to vent their frustration with the aforementioned state of the game. Sound origins was released earlier this week and while it was fairly well reviewed, there were a few notable bugs and unwanted changes noticed by fans. The Sonic franchise is no stranger to bad games or controversial releases among fans, but this one has a lot more history around it and spawned a lot of drama. The new version was worked on by Headcannon, a team that worked on Sonic Maniabut one team member has strong words about how it was released and even essentially disowned the final product.

Developer Simon Thomley took to Twitter say that the version of Sound origins which was released this week was not what Headcannon “handed over” to Sega. Thomley went on to say that Sega introduced many bugs and issues that weren’t present when they handed the game over to the publisher. Thomley still claims ownership of some issues, even attributing some of them to “rushjobs” because there was a big timing issue with the game’s development. questions about delays early on and being told they wouldn’t be possible and pleaded to try and fix a number of issues they noticed with the game. Thomley went on to note that he was ready to work with Sega again on the right terms, but it’s up to the gaming giant if he chooses to do so. You can read Thomley’s tweet thread and an excerpt below.

“I’m extremely proud of my team for performing under such pressure, but each of us is very unhappy with the state of Origins and even the Sonic 3 component,” Thomley said. “We also weren’t thrilled with its pre-submission state, but a lot of things were out of our control. We asked to make major fixes near submission, but we weren’t allowed in. due to submission and approval rules. We asked about the delays early and repeatedly, but were told it was not possible. We offered to come back for fixes and updates after release – we don’t know yet if that happens.

Whether or not Sega will work with Headcannon or Thomley remains to be seen, but it’s rare to see a developer vocally attacking a publisher like this. Sometimes these things come out much later in postmortems, but that’s immediately after the game’s release and seems to have been triggered by some of the experiences fans have had with the game. not yet commented on the question.

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