Stacey’s New Modeling Pic With Florian Shocks Fans

Stacey Silva tries to promote her clothing store by posting a revealing modeling photo shoot with Florian, but she leaves 90 Day Fiancé fans appalled.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Stacey Silva posted a racy photo with Florian Sukaj to promote her online clothing store, but fans are baffled by it. The 47-year-old businesswoman is most famous for being Darcy Silva’s twin sister and for appearing in their spin-off, Darcey & Stacey. Over the last few years, the two have become unrecognizable after going through a twin transformation. The sisters have opted for procedures such as butt lifts and breast implants, while completely changing their facial features, including their nose and lips. Their obsession with looking like a Barbie doll has triggered the fans multiple times.


Some time ago, Stacey posted an Instagram update flaunting her huge lips and unrealistic eyelashes. Her glam selfie failed to impress the fans as they questioned her health. Due to their scandalous and dramatic personalities, the Silva sisters have had a tough time finding love. While Darcey is enjoying her single life right now, Stacey has tied the knot with Instagram model Florian. However, in July 2021, reports of Florian cheating on Stacey surfaced online. But Stacey believed her husband despite everyone’s skepticism about his intentions. In 2022, the couple is happily married and still going strong.

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A Redditor with the username Altruistic_Bottle_66 has recently posted Stacey’s new picture, and 90 Day Fiancé fans are shocked at how ridiculous it looks. It is a promotional post for the reality star’s brand, House of Eleven, in which she posed alongside her husband, Florian. The photo shows the couple embracing each other, as the topless Albanian man has his back to the camera. Stacey is grabbing his head as she peeks from the side, wearing a white furry overcoat. According to fans, Stacey’s seductive shot with Florian was a massive fail. A Redditor wrote, “Her little chubby face peeking out haha I love this attempt at sexiness.”

Another Redditor made fun of the couple’s pose and claimed, “She kinda looks like a giant baby looking over their parents shoulder to me.” Apart from fans asserting that the whole composition looked “Horrible,” some 90 Day Fiancé viewers made fun of Stacey’s extremely long nails in the picture. “Her hand looks like one of my favorite gardening tools,” a different Redditor wrote, pointing out the ridiculousness of Stacey’s fashion sense. Someone even joked about the cheating scandal and commented, “She’s whispering in his ear.. If you ever cheat on me I will hunt you down.”

Stacey probably tried to look sexy to sell her new clothing pieces, but her new modeling photo shoot with Florian failed to do the trick. Fans found the photos extremely unpleasant and were dissatisfied to see Stacey do such shenanigans to promote her brand. In the past, Darcey and Stacey’s clothing brand has garnered many negative customer reviews. Fans were thoroughly disappointed by the fashion brand, from the expensive shipping prices to the difficulties encountered when returning items. Besides, 90 Day Fiancé fans don’t feel there’s a real connection between Stacey and Florian, which could be another reason they didn’t like the photo shoot.

Source: Altruistic_Bottle_66/Reddit

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