Starbucks workers vote for union at Mall of America store 

Workers at a Starbucks in the Mall of America voted to unionize 10 to 1, becoming the fourth store in Minnesota to unionize with SEIU affiliate Workers United.

Baristas say the landslide victory at the Mall of America – on the first floor near the rotunda – lasted 14 years.

In 2008, barista Erik Forman alleged he was fired from the store for trying to organize a union, a claim supported by the National Labor Relations Board. Starbucks denied the allegation but later reinstated Forman.

“It was supposed to be done in 2008, but we’ve now finished what they started,” Mall of America organizing committee workers said in a statement on Wednesday, shortly after the NLRB tallied their votes. .

Successful union vote comes a week after workers narrowly voted against a union at a south Minneapolis store in a rare loss for an otherwise highly successful national campaign. Four other Minnesota stores have filed for union elections.

The workers of some 300 Starbucks stores across the country are seeking to unionize, and the vast majority won the election with just 25 stores voting no.

The company, which operates some 9,000 cafes, faces allegations of illegal union-busting across the country, including dismiss workers in Tennessee for their union activity. In Pennsylvania, an administrative law judge found the coffee chain illegal retaliation against two baristas.

Starbucks denies any wrongdoing and has responded with unfair labor practice allegations against Workers Unitedsaying that union organizers bully, harass and intimidate workers.

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