Steam Making Big Change to Critically-Acclaimed Games

Valve is about to make a pretty notable change to Steam that will affect some of the platform’s most critically acclaimed games. For those who’ve ever visited Steam, they’ve likely been greeted with dozens of charts and ads that showcase some of the platforms’ highest-reviewed games. And while these charts may help you better understand how highly praised some of these titles are, Valve is now getting to where these images with certain accolades will no longer be allowed.

In a move that will take effect on September 1, Valve has made it clear that developers and publishers will no longer be able to include review notes, awards, or other accolades on images associated with games. The reason is that Valve states that some promotional images have become too cluttered to the point that users can’t even make out the name of the games, in some cases. Additionally, Steam already provides a place on each game’s page to promote these achievements without the need to feature them on banner images.

“Our goal is to make it as clear and simple as possible for customers to find games to buy and play on Steam,” Valve explained in a recent blog post. “Recently, we noticed that more text, award logos, and even review notes were being included by game developers in their graphics asset images. This made us realize that our guidelines weren’t as clear than they should be. Due to not having clearly defined rules, we have seen additions to graphical assets that create a confusing and sometimes even inaccurate experience for customers.”

Valve clarified that developers will still be able to use certain text in banner images to promote new updates or expansions that games receive in the future. However, titles that continue to show accolades or review ratings “may have visibility limitations in the Steam store and will not be eligible to appear in official Steam sales and events.” In short, Steam looks for game images to simply represent the game itself, and nothing more.

What do you think of this next change to Steam as a platform? Do you think this is a necessary change, or is Valve’s market already good as it is? Let me know what you think in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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