‘Super Smash Bros’ and ‘Kirby’ creator Masahiro Sakurai is “semi-retired”

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator behind Super Smash Bros. and Kirbyreportedly said he was “semi-retired” from game development.

Sakurai’s comments came during an interview with Denfaminico Gamer (via GamesRadar), and although the article is in Japanese, Twitter user PushDustIn has summary of developer comments for English readers.

“Sakurai confirms that he is semi-retired. He is 52 after all,” reads the summary. “When smash for 3DS / Wii U and Ultimate it spent 9 years in active development. Sakurai felt that if he just kept making games full time, his life would be over before he knew it.

Sakurai also acknowledged that although his work on the Super Smash Bros. the series is “very important because it uses so many different characters [and] game industry concepts,” he wanted to start his YouTube channel — Masahiro Sakurai on making games — when he was “lucky” to have more free time.

Masahiro Sakurai. CREDIT: YouTube

Even in his semi-retirement, Sakurai seems to have plenty to take care of. The developer is “health-wise” and recently completed God of War Ragnarok, sound borders and Bayonet 3 when using an exercise bike. On his YouTube channel, Sakurai revealed that he films all of his YouTube videos himself – including all of the gameplay footage – and reads all of the comments left by fans.

In 2021, Sakurai shared that he “can’t see a way” where Super Smash Bros. could be produced without it.

“If the series were to continue, I need to speak with Nintendo and have a debate about whether or not it will be successful,” he added. “I have to seriously think about this.”

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