GTA 6’s Massive Leak Makes It Hard To Play GTA Online In 2023

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – 2002 Screenshot: rock star games Last year, pictures of the next Grand Theft Auto-suppose to be GTA 6—online leak. While Rockstar quickly tried to erase the videos from the internet and plug holes in the ship, it was impossible to completely contain such a massive and unprecedented leak. Thus, … Read more

Naughty Dog Exec Kind Of Regrets Announcing TLOU2 So Early

Screenshot: The naughty dog If you’re wondering why Sony’s critically acclaimed studio Naughty Dog has been so tight-lipped about its current projects lately, the reason seems to be that it wants to focus more on maintaining a manageable work-life balance. for its employees. Co-Chair Neil Druckmann, in an interview with ComicBook.comsaid that announcing games too … Read more

Ubisoft Cancels Games, Delays Skull And Bones After Rough 2022

Picture: Ubisoft Ubisoft held an emergency call with investors on Wednesday to reveal that the company’s 2022 sales were well below expectations and that it would take drastic action going forward, including canceling three more unreleased games. advertisement, dilatory Skull and bones a few more monthsand reducing costs by approximately $215 million over the next … Read more

Survival Evolved’s Animated Series Gets a New Trailer

Image: Studio Wildcard/Lex+Otis There’s so many live service and online games out there that hearing about one you’ve never really put much thought into can often be a pleasant surprise. Maybe what you hear about catches your attention for a few days, maybe it gets you to dip into said game to see what it’s … Read more

Amazon Prime Is Adding 10 More Games To Its December Freebies

Screenshot: Arkane / Kotaku The catchy title of this story, games coming with Amazon Prime membership this holiday, would be “Ten Free Games!” But when the other nine are so old they’re starting to peel around the edges, that would be pretty disappointing. The real news here is quite fantastic Dishonored 2 is yours, for … Read more

Amazon Promises God Of War Show Will Be ‘True’ To Games

Image: Santa Monica/Sony Studios The past few years have been pretty full of TV shows and movies adapted from popular games. And more are coming in the pipeline. If you ask some fans, many of these shows have strayed too far from their original source, so it would be nice to hear that the producers … Read more

Leaked GTA 6 Footage Gets Game Ad Purged By Take-Two

Rockstar and Take-Two are still doing everything they can to contain the Grand Theft Auto VI flee.Image: rock star games Goat Simulator 3 developer Coffee Stain North found itself under the thumb of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two after posting an ad for its open-world havoc simulator that used footage from that year Grand Theft … Read more

Call of Duty’s New Mode Everything Shooters Should Aspire To Be

Running to the last possible helicopter to escape an increasingly radiant map, my heart races. I know the helicopter is going to stay there for almost two minutes, and here I am running, alone and vulnerable. I traveled half the map in a truck to escape the radiation and now I have to defend my … Read more

The 15 best games of 2022

Clockwise from the left: God of War Ragnarok (Image: Santa Monica Studios); elderberry ring (Image: Bandai Namco Entertainment); Golden idol case (Picture: Playstack); sleeper citizen (Image: Travel Companion). Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Picture: Nintendo); Repentance (Picture: Xbox Game Studios); neon white (Picture: Annapurna Interactive)Chart: Rebecca Fassola Despite what the barking dogs of fandom might … Read more

Ubisoft’s 2022 Winter Sale: The Best, Biggest Deals

Image: Ubisoft/Nintendo It’s that time of year when every shop, store, and retailer starts slashing prices on everything in an effort to make as much money as possible over the holiday season. A magical moment, indeed. And Ubisoft is joining in the fun with a big new Winter Sale, happening now, which sees games like … Read more