IN BRIEF: East Imperial shares jump on news of US bottling deal

East Imperial PLC – a New Zealand-based producer of tonic waters and mixers – appoints The Lion Brewery, a Pennsylvania-based beverage producer, as its US bottling partner. Under the deal, the brewery will bottle the entire East Imperial range from early 2023. East Imperial says the deal will result in significant logistics savings, reducing the … Read more

DermaWave(TM) Named Most Effective Ultrasonic Device by Wellness Foundation USA

“DermaWave(TM) has been named the most effective ultrasound cavitation device by the highly respected Welfare Foundation USA. Welfare Foundation USA is the undisputed leader in the certification of health and well-being products.” According Welfare Foundation USA. DermaWave(TM) was named the most effective ultrasound device by Welfare Foundation USA. This award is the latest in a … Read more