10 of the best TV shows to watch this December

10 The Witcher: Blood Origin A Christmas treat for fantasy fans comes in the form of this prequel series to Netflix hit The Witcher, set 1,200 years before the original series, which fortuitously stars the wonderful Michelle Yeoh, who may well soon be an Oscar- winner, thanks to her performance in dazzling multiverse drama Everything … Read more

11 films to watch this December

11 films to watch this December (Image credit: 20th Century Studios) Including Brendan Fraser’s Oscar-tipped performance in The Whale, James Cameron’s Avatar sequel and “a cross between Die Hard and Miracle On 34th Street” – Nicholas Barber lists this month’s unmissable releases. (Credit: Picturehouse Entertainment) 1 Tori and Lokita Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have always … Read more

The true story behind the US’ first federal monuments

“He writes to Jefferson saying that he freely and clearly acknowledges that he is of African race,” said Audrey Davis, director of the Alexandria Black History Museum. “He was proud of his race and color. He was a math whiz, a watchmaker and he was into riddles.” He also published six Farmer’s Almanacs, using scientific … Read more

The mysterious Viking runes found in a landlocked US state

“[Farley] spent most of her adult life searching for the stone,” said Amanda Garcia, director of Heavener Runestone Park. “She traveled all over the United States, went to Egypt, and went to different places to observe different brands.” Faith Rogers, environmental science intern and volunteer at Heavener Runestone Park, led me down a paved path … Read more

The forgotten history of the US’ African American coal towns

Nonetheless, racism and tragedy were also prominent, and the motor racing circuit takes travelers through these events as well. For example, he talks about the McKendree Miner Hospital, where African Americans injured in mining accidents were treated in separate hospital wards. And there’s a stop at Hawk’s Nest Tunnel Disaster: Beginning in 1930, teams of … Read more

Kevin Spacey denies abuse claim by actor Anthony Rapp, ‘regrets’ apology as he breaks down in court

An emotional Kevin Spacey says he regrets apologising to actor Anthony Rapp over claims that he made an unwanted sexual advance when Mr Rapp was 14.  Key points: It is alleged Kevin Spacey tried to seduce Anthony Rapp in a bedroom at a party in 1986  The House of Cards actor said he received pressure from publicists and lawyers … Read more

Female rage: The brutal new icons of film and TV

In both films, Amirpour uses violence to liberate her female protagonists from the danger men may, in real life, otherwise represent. “With my storytelling, I want to enter into a dream world, a fantasy,” Amirpour tells BBC Culture. “The thing I’m looking for in all my movies is to find freedom, to constantly define freedom … Read more

The controversy over an incredible archaeological discovery

BBC Culture asked the filmmakers why they had chosen not to consult Taylor on his depiction. They said: “The university’s version of events has been extensively documented over the past 10 years. Philippa’s recollection of events, as corroborated by the filmmakers’ research, is very different.” And yet Langley’s side of the story has also been … Read more

The US island that nearly ignited a war

American Camp is at the southernmost point of the island, 6 miles south of Friday Harbor, on a gentle, gently rolling road through mixed farmland bordered by bushy hedgerows. Agriculture was first established on San Juan Island in 1853 when the British-run Hudson’s Bay Company founded the Belle Vue Sheep Farm in an effort to … Read more