Purrfection: How video game ‘Stray’ transfixed cats

“My cat, Hobbes, was taken by ‘Stray’ the minute I loaded it onto the screen. He watches the cat’s every move,” Yaksic said. Cat lover Enzo Yaksic was immediately fascinated by the recently released video game “Stray”, which allowed him to explore a luminous and kaleidoscopic underworld of puzzles as a feline avatar. He was … Read more

“Stray” cat video game brings some benefits to real cats

NEW YORK (AP) — The virtual hero cat of new video game sensation “Stray” isn’t just meandering along rusty pipes, jumping over unidentified slimes and decoding clues in a seemingly abandoned. The bold orange tabby also helps real-world cats. Through online fundraising platforms, players play “Stray” while broadcasting live for the public to raise money … Read more

We played ‘Stray,’ everyone’s favorite new cat-centric video game. It’s purrfection

CNN — This week, two of the most passionate communities online – gamers and cat lovers – collided with the release of a new video game that lets you play as an adorable orange tabby cat. “Stray,” created by indie French game company BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, was released Tuesday for PlayStation … Read more

Geelong’s Tom Stewart banned for four AFL games for heavy hit on Richmond’s Dion Prestia

Geelong star Tom Stewart will miss the next four AFL games due to his high bump on Richmond midfielder Dion Prestia. Key points: Tom Stewart’s lawyer argued a three-game suspension was appropriate Tribunal President Jeff Gleeson said Stewart’s degree of negligence was ‘high’ Dion Prestia expected to miss at least one game due to concussion … Read more