Australia and United States vow to increase military cooperation amid rising Chinese presence in Pacific

Australia and the United States have announced plans to increase military cooperation so the nations can be a “force for stability” in maintaining “a free and open Indo-Pacific region”. Key points: US says Australian defense force has ‘capability gap’ The US Secretary of Defense called China a ‘dangerous and coercive’ presence in the Indo-Pacific The … Read more

TSMC Will Triple Arizona Investment To $40 Billion, Among Largest Foreign Outlays In U.S. History

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. (AP Photo/Chiang … [+] Ying-ying, file) Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., one of the world’s largest semiconductor makers, today announced it will more than triple its planned investment in Arizona to $40 billion from the previously announced $12 billion. Together, … Read more

US Secret Service accuses Chinese government-linked hackers of stealing $20 million in Covid relief

CNN — Hackers linked to the Chinese government have stolen at least $20 million in US government coronavirus relief funds, a US Secret Service spokesperson told CNN on Monday – the first time the agency has connected the Covid-19 fraud to hackers affiliated with a foreign government. The hackers looted unemployment insurance funds and Small … Read more

E-Commerce Keeps U.S. Businesses And Global Consumers Connected Through Turbulent Times

Last month, the world marked the arrival of its 8 billionth person, whose probability of being born in the United States was only 1 in 25. These demographics are well known to American business leaders, who n need not be reminded that 96% of humanity lives outside the United States. As a result, for many … Read more

Joint Fight Against Cancer Can Help Re-Energize U.S.-China Ties, Kevin Rudd Says

Kevin Rudd, CEO of the Asia Society. Photographer: Wei Leng Tay/Bloomberg © 2021 Bloomberg Finance L.P. The collaboration in the fight against cancer represents an important opening for the United States and China to reinvigorate their relationship following last month’s summit between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 meeting. … Read more

US faces pivotal years in countering China

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — The United States is at a pivotal point with China and will need military force to ensure that American values, not Beijing’s, set global standards in the 21st century, the secretary told Saturday. the Lloyd Austin Defense. Austin’s speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum capped a week in which the … Read more

With visit by China’s Xi, Saudi prince seeks Mideast leadership and independence

Riyadh – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is hosting the Chinese leader this week at a delicate time in US-Saudi relations, signaling Riyadh’s determination to navigate a polarized world order regardless of the wishes of its Western allies, analysts say. The leader of the oil giant made a comeback on the world stage after the … Read more

U.S. ramps up pressure on Netherlands to fall in line with China chip policy

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaks with US President Joe Biden. The United States pressured the Netherlands to block exports of high-tech semiconductor equipment to China. The Netherlands is home to ASML, one of the most important companies in the global semiconductor supply chain. Suzanne Walsh | AFP | Getty Images Washington has its sights … Read more

Antony Blinken says Biden administration supports zero-Covid protesters in China

CNN — Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that the Biden administration is supporting zero COVID protesters in China, saying he will raise the topic when he visits the country early next year. ‘Of course we do,’ Blinken told CNN’s Jake Tapper on ‘State of the Union’ when asked about US support for protesters … Read more

Manufacturing orders from China down 40% in demand collapse

Aerial view of containers stacked at Qinzhou Port on August 15, 2022 in Qinzhou, China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. China Information Service | Getty Images U.S. logistics officials are bracing for delays in the delivery of goods from China in early January due to canceled container ship departures and export transfers by ocean carriers. Carriers … Read more