Amazon Games To Publish Next Tomb Raider, First Details Revealed

It was revealed today that Crystal Dynamics will be partnering with Amazon Games to release the next game in the beloved grave robber series, and we were also treated to some details on what to expect in the process. The game will be a “cross-platform” release to be published worldwide by Amazon, with Crystal Dynamics … Read more

The Next, And ‘Biggest’ Tomb Raider To Be Delivered By Amazon

Screenshot: Crystal Dynamics / Kotaku To really speed things up, it’s just been announced that Amazon Games is set to release the next grave robber Thu. Next Square Enix’s retreat from the Western Frontand the sale of developer Crystal Dynamics and the grave robber license itself, there was no telling what might happen to Lara’s … Read more

Giant Gaming Corporations Spent 2022 Gobbling Each Other Up

The video game industry went on a shopping spree in 2021. Epic Games bought Mediatonic (Fall Guys), Sony bought Housemarque (Returnal), and Embracer bought Gearbox (Borderlands). It seemed like things might slow down in 2022, but instead they ramped up even more into an acquisition free-for-all. What will the future bring? Nobody knows. But the … Read more

Perfect Dark Gets New Update From Xbox Executive

An Xbox executive offered an update on perfect darka reboot of Rare’s iconic shooter. perfect dark was officially announced in 2020 after the creation of a new studio known as The Initiative in 2018. The studio is made up of veterans from across the gaming industry, ensuring that only the best of the best are … Read more

Crystal Dynamics Takes Full Control of Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain Franchises

Crystal Dynamics has announced that it has taken full control of the various IPs it has created, including Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain. Crystal Dynamics was one of Square Enix’s main Western studios. The developer was responsible for some of the biggest Western games to come out of Square Enix, especially the incredibly well-received … Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Insider Shares Good News for the Game’s Future

A well-regarded Marvel’s Avengers insider recently shared some good news about the popular superhero game. The last days, avengers Developer Crystal Dynamics was officially acquired by Embracer Group after being sold by Square Enix. While this move was previously known, the deal that became official has fans wondering what will now happen to the continued … Read more

Marvel’s Future Games Need to Avoid the Burnout of the Films

Image: Nintendo/Marvel Games In 2018, when Insomniac Games released the first Marvel’s Spiderman game, it felt like a breath of fresh air after a pretty inconsistent run of years of Spider-Man games, and more broadly Marvel games. Over the past few years, PlayStation-exclusive sandbox play has been proven to be no fluke. Let it be … Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Confirms Addition of Fan-Favorite Playable Character

Marvel’s Avengers Developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed today that the next playable character coming to the live game is one that a number of fans have been asking for for a long time. Earlier this summer, Marvel’s Avengers finally added Jane Foster to the roster of characters that can be used in the game. And while … Read more

Tomb Raider Report Leaks First Details on New Game “Project Jawbreaker”

A new grave robber game under the codename “Project Jawbreaker” has been leaked, thanks to a prominent PlayStation insider. Last April, Crystal Dynamics confirmed a new grave robber game using Unreal Engine 5 was in development. In other words, we knew a new Lara Croft adventure was coming, but that’s all we knew. Now we … Read more